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That '70s Show alum and host of the podcast Minor Adventures, Topher Grace reflects on his big break, and his film editing side-hustle. Then, he faces-off against Arturo Castro in a game about cereal. (click for more)

The words from Yacht Rock classics, soft rock singles with nautical references, are rewritten to be about real and fictional boats. (click for more)

In this final round, every answer contains the word "Golden." (click for more)

Antoni Porowski, a charming fifth of Netflix's Queer Eye, talks about his love for cooking and corgis, and is given a choice to play a game about guacamole or a game about books. Which does he choose? (click for more)

Contestants are given commonplace English words and are asked to correctly identify their obscure Greek origin. (click for more)

Ophira Eisenberg and guest announcer Cecil Baldwin read love notes addressed to geographic B-A-Y bays, written as if they were B-A-E baes. (click for more)