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  • We've helped thousands of people find nearby buddies for fun activities.
  • Search for buddies based on your interests:
    • Get a workout buddy to make exercise more fun.
    • Find a diet buddy to share encouragement and support. Keep each other accountable!
    • Get a walking buddy, a gym buddy, a concert buddy, any kind of buddy you can imagine.
  • Find buddies who enjoy the same places you do.
  • Set up a play date! You and your child can meet new friends.
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  • Discover fun upcoming events near you.
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WannaBuddy has a massive database of fun places, all searchable by zip code. Find great locations near you:
17,000 golf courses
9,900 coffee houses
9,000 dance studios
8,000 parks and campgrounds
8,000 weight loss centers
7,000 fitness centers
6,000 bowling alleys
2,300 wineries
1,600 museums
Find new friends who love the same places you do!
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