About WannaBuddy


Wannabuddy.com was born out of the realization that modern life has made it increasingly difficult to connect with others who share a passion for outdoor activities, exercise, concerts, or just trying something new. Want to take a hike, start a new diet, see a new comedian? It is always more fun with a buddy, so we decided to fill the gap. There are countless dating sites and clubs of every description, but only Wannabuddy combines an ample database of locations and events with a focus on casual, "buddy" opportunities.


Hiking alone can be dangerous. Dieting alone can be nearly impossible. On line message boards are bursting with messages looking for a buddy to join in with these activities. Unfortunately, most of the pleas go unanswered. WannaBuddy can help by making it easy to find people near you that you would otherwise never meet. Need to set up a playdate for your toddler at a nearby park? Let WannaBuddy help connect you with other parents near the park. Only WannaBuddy combines location-aware activities with a safe, anonymous person-to-person connection system.

WannaBuddy lets you explore new places, check out upcoming events and discuss it all with others, while preserving your privacy and keeping your email address hidden. You can remain anonymous as long as you wish. You control everything about the buddy process.


At a loss for something fun to do next weekend? WannaBuddy has a database of upcoming events taking place near you. There's always something going on, and if it seems that everyone you know has a previous commitment, you can count on WannaBuddy to find a new buddy to join you.

Enough about how WannaBuddy can help you. WannaBuddy needs your help, too. As a new web site, there are a lot of things that it could do. But what additional features would be most useful to you? If you have a suggestion or a comment, please use the Contact Us button and let us know! And let your friends know about WannaBuddy. The larger the user community, the better chance everyone has of finding a new buddy.

Do you have a WannaBuddy success story? Use the Contact Us button to tell us how WannaBuddy helped you to find a new buddy! We'd love to hear from you.