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In a transition to television, "Tuca & Bertie" stars Tiffany Haddish and SF native Ali Wong as the titular characters. The show oscillates somewhere between "Broad City" and "Bojack Horseman," focusing on the friendship between two 30something women birds, with stylistic similarities in animation. It's no coincidence: Hanawalt was the design brainchild behind both hit cartoon comedies. (click for more)

Concord's well-loved Half Price Books will rise again this winter. The store closed earlier this month after losing the lease to its longtime location across from Todos Santos Plaza. The company, which has three other locations in the Bay Area and more than 120 nationally, had been looking for a new home for the Concord store since at least February, but couldn't beat the clock on their expired, nearly 20-year-old lease. (click for more)

San Franciscans have given their city an overall grade of B- in this year’s biennial survey of resident disgruntlement. But what if we could grade the city on the things that are less obvious but equally important? (click for more)

ARIES. (March 20 - April 19): You don't like being asked to prove yourself, but that's the state of the world nowadays. Be a good sport and the effect you have will be winning. (click for more)

Sometimes it feels like the skyline of San Francisco is constantly changing. Now you can mix things up with your own two hands — and possibly bloody a knight in the process. (click for more)

In a tweet Tuesday, a recent visitor to his office expressed some confusion — and support! — over a certain item on display. (click for more)