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In this stellar final round, each answer contains something found in outer space. (click for more)

Matthew McConaughey chats in Austin about being Univ. of Texas' Minister of Culture, his role as Professor McConaughey, and how rebranding his career turned out "All right, All right, All right." (click for more)

Emmy and Tony-winning actor Kristin Chenoweth reflects on her Wicked-ly impressive career, and the inspiration behind her new album. Then, she's challenged to sing the titles of Broadway musicals. (click for more)

Houston... you know what we're gonna say. Contestants guess which celestial bodies are calling in with their real, space-related problems. (click for more)

This surprisingly difficult audio quiz is inspired by the late great Selena's "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom." Contestants identify other songs containing made-up phrases. It's bidi bidi fun fun. (click for more)

If you can't go over it, you play a game about guessing what's under it. Contestants play a game about some underground spots. (click for more)