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A comedian who has often found the laughs in anxiety, she reflects on her start in stand-up, being a shy kid and her experience in television writers' rooms in a public conversation. (click for more)

Do not adjust your radio as contestants answer questions about some of the earliest audio recordings ever made. (click for more)

She's Gotta Have It actor and DJ school dropout Ilfenesh Hadera chats with Ophira Eisenberg about growing up in Harlem, working with Spike Lee, and her new show on Epix, Godfather Of Harlem. (click for more)

In an adorable alternate reality, Animal Planet has taken over all of television. In this game, contestants replace words from popular TV shows with rhyming animal words. (click for more)

Ophira and Jonathan play tech support agents troubleshooting problems with old-timey inventions. (click for more)

This music parody is not for the lactose intolerant, as contestants guess which cheese musician Jonathan Coulton is singing about. (click for more)