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ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Mercury in Libra teaches that honesty is a two-way street. If you're going to say what you feel then you expect others to do the same. (click for more)

Dear Abby: I am 15 years older than my boyfriend, “Spencer,” and have two kids from a previous marriage. Spencer and I have been living together for the past 10 years. I planned to have his child, but was involved in an accident and now can no longer have kids. He blames me nearly every day for having “experienced life” while he hasn’t. He wants kids, and mine are mine — not his. He calls me ugly names now and is physically and emotionally abusive. I love Spencer very much, and I feel deeply hurt. It wasn’t my choice to be infertile, but he truly hates me for it. I get choked and pushed and have bruises the next day. Do I just give up and leave him after so many years of harmony? This has only gotten extremely bad over the past year. (click for more)

Dear Abby: A close relative has started working in the adult industry. She now dresses provocatively, showing lots of skin. She has also covered much of her body with tattoos and adopted the lifestyle of someone in that field. Our family assumes she’s “going through a phase” and has no idea what she’s really up to. I have two small children I don’t really want around her, but I’m not sure how to handle the situation. I don’t want to tell her mom what she’s really doing, but at the same time, I don’t want my kids thinking that’s how people in society are. Please help. Nervous in New York Dear Nervous: If you no longer want to be around this person, no law says you have to be. (click for more)

The original film, which premiered in theaters in 1996, starred Michael Jordan as himself, tapped to join a ragtag band of Looney Tunes cartoon characters as they take part in a high stakes basketball game against a juiced-up alien team called the Monstars. The film garnered mixed reviews at the time, but became a nostalgic interest for Millennials, who jumped at the chance to snap up TuneSquad jerseys. (click for more)

But this November, the heavy metal band will break out those instruments for a special show benefiting their All Within My Hands (AWMH), a non-profit foundation that aims to tackle "the issues of hunger and workforce education and encouraging volunteerism." (click for more)

The nostalgia that's arisen from a recent video of 18-year-old Mac Dre raps "Too Hard for Da F—in' Radio" is anything but twee. But the nostalgia for the late Vallejo rapper is still embedded in the Bay Area's musical walls even 14 years past his untimely death. (click for more)