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How many performers can say they’ve opened for Third Eye Blind at the Fillmore, lectured at Google and also done their shtick before audiences in the basement of a Mission District clothing store? Kevin Blake doesn’t like the title “magician,” he said at a recent talk for Google engineers, for two reasons: Part storyteller, part comedian and part illusionist and mind reader, Blake uses in his magic effects props ranging from coins, cards and lighters to audience members’ iPhones. (click for more)

To label producer Val Lewton’s incredible series of movies as “horror” is to miss the point. Not horror in the shock sense, but psychological mood pieces with an impending sense of dread, rich in emotional truth. The Stanford Theatre will play all nine of Lewton’s RKO horror films in double features over the next five weekends. The two, along with shadowy cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca, created the template of effective, low-budget horror. (click for more)

Alec Baldwin takes a break from playing Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” to voice the titular character in this animated movie about how a sibling rivalry turns into a bonding experience when the precocious baby and the older brother (voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi) take on a shady CEO. For Here or to Go: A Silicon Valley tale in which an Indian on a work visa finds himself taking on the immigration system in the United States. Scarlett Johansson stars as a human who, after a terrible crash, is turned into a cyberenhanced soldier. In Search of Israeli Cuisine: A documentary about food and wine that also explores how Israelis and Palestinians can get along through sharing of food traditions. Based on the true story about zookeepers in Warsaw who saved hundreds of people and animals during Nazi occupation. (click for more)

‘North by Northwest’ on the big screen at Bay Area theaters Do you have an all-time favorite movie theater? I do. Back in the VHS days, as my movie tastes developed, the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis, built in 1928, was my church. The bright Technicolor palette, the suaveness of Cary Grant, the impact of the crop duster sequence — Hitchcock’s 1959 thriller instantly became a top-five movie for me. “North by Northwest” screens Sunday, April 2, and Wednesday, April 5, at 25 Bay Area theaters. (click for more)

In the age of Uber, it might be hard to imagine taxi drivers ruling the roost, but that’s how the employees at Becker’s cab station in “Jitney” conduct themselves: like kings. [...] in directing the show for African-American Shakespeare Company, L. Peter Callender notes that “Jitney” is “not an epic play,” but more human in scale. Wilson’s characters might work in the shadow of the law, but his poetic writing recasts them firmly in the spotlight. (click for more)

Graham Nash is best known for the music he made with his partners in celestial harmony, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and sometimes Neil Young. [...] on his solo tour, the 75-year-old singer also revisits the work he made with the British Invasion band the Hollies and on his own, including his most recent solo release, “This Path Tonight” — his first in 14 years. The album comes after a busy spell during which Nash was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the second time, ended his 38-year marriage, moved from Kauai to New York and released his long-awaited autobiography “Wild Tales.” (click for more)