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NPR's Scott Simon talks with Faizon and St. Geegland, who sound oddly like comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, about their podcast. (click for more)

ARIES.  (March 19 - April 18):  It's time to cut your losses, so be quick about it.  It's better to rip off a band-aid then agonize over a slow peel. (click for more)

DEAR ABBY: I am seeing a guy whose roommate is a sex offender. I found out after I typed the address on the internet. I'm not sure how to ask my friend about it. Should I come right out and ask, or just leave it alone? I'm not sure he knows, but I would be surprised if he didn't. I don't want it to be awkward when I ask. — Shocked in Virginia DEAR SHOCKED: There are various levels of sex offenses, and the roommate's offense may be minor. Double-check to make sure the roommate's name, address and photo match what you found on the site. Tell the man you are seeing what you discovered, but not in an alarmist manner. DEAR ABBY: I love your column. Some years ago, you printed a recipe for baked beans. I believe they were called St. James' Baked Beans. I have lost my copy. I would get lots of compliments about how great they were at family gatherings and potlucks. Would you please reprint the recipe? — Shirley in Brownsville, Texas (click for more)

ARIES.  (March 19 - April 18):  One party says things are off while the other insists they're on.  Who do you believe?  Nobody until after the lunar eclipse on June 5th. (click for more)

Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show) and Jenny Hagel (Late Night With Seth Meyers) complete iconic movie quotes. (click for more)