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It's a beautiful weekend in San Francisco, and oh god, oh no, there are so many events this weekend. Here's how you can celebrate 4/20, Earth Day, Easter, and everything in between. (click for more)

ARIES. (March 20 - April 19): You'll be making the switch from the one doing the courting to the one being courted with Venus in Aries through May 15. Now you'll see how the other half lives. (click for more)

Dear Abby: I am 28 and recently found my biological father through Facebook after more than 20 years of not knowing if he was still alive. Although I am happy that I found him, I’m scared to let my family — my mom, my stepdad and my sisters — know I have reconnected with him. When I asked about my dad years ago (I even had a pic of him), my stepdad felt betrayed and upset that I was even curious. I had to rip up the picture because I felt so guilty that my stepdad was hurt. I know my stepdad will manipulate the situation (that’s just how he is) and con my sisters and my mom into not speaking to me again. On the other hand, I want to create a relationship with my father and start where we left off. I have two beautiful daughters I know he will love to meet, but I am scared because I know this will divide my family. What should I do? Anonymous in The West Dear Anonymous: I wish you had disclosed why, for more than 20 years, your birth father had no visitation with you. Whose decision was it — his? Your mother’s? If it was your birth father’s, I would question his character. That said, at the ripe old age of 28, you are an adult and should have the right to decide — without coercion — whom you wish to associate with. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to get to know your birth father. Those feelings are normal. It won’t divide your family if you keep your mouth shut and your private life separate. Dear Abby: My girlfriend, “Crystal,” recently dumped me. We were madly in love, and she would constantly message me and tell me how I was perfect, she didn’t deserve someone as amazing as me and how I’m the only one she wants in her life. We were talking about moving in together, marriage and... (click for more)

Don't know movies? You're what the French call, "Les Incompetents" (Home Alone, 1990). In this audio quiz, contestants listen to insults from movie dialogue and guess the film. (click for more)

Does eating Mexican fast-casual food trigger your allergies and have you reaching for an ITCH POLE? Contestants must guess the popular restaurant chain based on anagrams of their names. (click for more)

In this music parody game, we took a classic Broadway musical, changed one letter in the title, and rewrote one of its songs to reflect that change. Read it slowly—you have to be more Into the Words. (click for more)