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ARIES. (March 20 - April 19): The reason it's so easy to let bygones be bygones is because you don't hold grudges. You like a good fight, but you're not into sour grapes. (click for more)

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" weighed in on the California wildfires last night with a segment that celebrates some of the state’s most under-appreciated heroes. And also, Smokey the Bear. (click for more)

If you own a Samsung smart TV and love Netflix, it might be time to panic. Due to “technical limitations” on some older models, customers will no longer be able to stream Netflix after Dec. 1, 2019. (click for more)

ARIES.  (March 20 - April 19):  Just when you thought you reached a dead end, unexpected developments reveal a timely loophole.  This is exactly what you need to move forward. (click for more)

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. He's amazing, and I can see myself marrying him and having a family one day. There is only one problem. We are healthy in our arguments except when his job is brought up. He's applying to go into the police academy. I have always told people I would never be with a cop because of my own anxiety. We fight about this all the time, and while I don't ask him to find something else to do, it's kind of implied. I don't mean to be like that (or do I?) because I want him to be happy and do what he wants, but I also am terrified his job won't end well. He asks why I am even dating him, and the honest truth is because he is an amazing man who truly does right by people. I love him. But do you think he is right? Is this something that can be overcome? (click for more)

You wouldn’t recognize him out of costume, but Chris Hirst is hard to miss when he’s dancing at Dolores Park, flailing his silver robot limbs to songs by KC and The Sunshine Band and Paula Abdul. Hirst’s passion project began at Burning Man and has become a regular weekend gig that brings in a surprising amount of money, which helps make ends meet as he trains for a job as an elementary school teacher. (click for more)